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Aims and Description of the Workshop-Conference

RCM2019 aims to collect recent results in Mechanics and to present novel challenges for dealing with modern engineering applications, such as advanced composite materials, manufacturing technologies, energy harvesting and bioengineering.

The workshop-conference will allow young researchers to gain experience beyond their primary research area and to apply innovative concepts of computational mechanics. In particular, the potentialities of Automated Computational Modelling (ACM) will be highlighted. This technique allows to speed up the process of generating novel and nonlinear computational environments, leading to a great advantage for teaching, research and industry.

RCM2019 couples a traditional instructive format with interactive sessions. Lectures are given by invited professors and selected participants.

Moreover, participants will be divided in teams and hands-on projects on modern research issues will be assigned to each team. The projects will allow to explore and apply the potentialities of ACM, and in particular of the Mathematica package AceGen. Awards will be handed out for the best solutions.